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Whether you’re happier working from home or you’re looking for a special nook to get in some reading, writing or crafts, we know the value of creating an area that is both private and inspiring. The new wave of home offices is upon us all and it’s important to carve out the right space with the right furniture to get those creative juices flowing. We spoke to the experts – designers, furniture consultants, and drafters – to learn about the unique world of the home office.

Why is the home office so popular?

Many people just would like a private area for themselves, even if it’s just to read emails or reply to clients and colleagues. It is understandable that, as a result of recent trends and thanks to the latest technology, the field of business and office solutions is following the global trend-oriented around reducing time and space, in turn improving the speed, efficiency, and comfort with which an individual operates on a daily basis.

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Why would I want a home office?

More people nowadays spend more time working from home. Some folks prefer a full-time job at home, or perhaps having a personal space they can retreat to. Most people, at some time or other in their lives, have wanted to create the perfect study-area for themselves at home. A place to retire to and contemplate the day, file and declutter paperwork, go online and read the latest news, or to be used as a cozy, accessible home-office. Versatile and minimal furniture allows for people to create their perfect filing system that still looks aesthetically pleasing and addresses their unique needs and tastes. With so many variations available, you are always sure to find one that matches your style, space, and budget.

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Where do I put a home office?

Depending on the job you do it is possible to move your office at home. It is possible nowadays thanks to technology and mobile devices that can easily connect people across vast distances and allow them to effortlessly conduct their business. It is not easy to say if a shift to home offices in Malta has been noticed, because the request for corporate office stations is still something very popular and requested. However, it is true that in almost all our projects, clients would like to include a small workstation at home. This is typically located in a separate room if there is the space, otherwise tastefully integrated into the living space or bedroom.

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What do I need for a home office?

More people approach us to find the right design and solution for them, and we attempt to create a link between what the client is seeking and what is currently available. A common request to hide or segregate the workspace using an elegant divider solution or a walk-in wardrobe. Of course, this all stems from the needs of the individual and we delight in finding and implementing the correct vision for every person. Often there is much to consider when starting on this furnishing adventure, including the furniture, décor, layout and colour schemes.

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Home Office Furniture Experts

Whilst the infinite possibilities can instill excitement and anticipation, they may also cause you to feel a bit apprehensive and overwhelmed by the choices available to you. These feelings are very normal and understandable, and at Fino, we are broached with these sentiments every day. Our professional sales representatives are specifically trained to alleviate these concerns by approaching these choices in a clear and concise manner, guiding you through the process and ensuring you have a pleasant and constructive experience from the moment you sit down for a chat.

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We hope that by now you’re excited about getting your very own home office! Check our article on lighting in the home so you can start choosing the best way to illuminate your work-away-from-work desk. When you’re ready to take the plunge, leave us a message so we can sit down together and discuss your new workspace at home.



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