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Choosing the right armchair for your living-room has never been a more exciting decision. Designer chairs can give your home that extra flair, acting as both a piece of art and an extension of the owner. With such an ample choice, it is not surprising that many feel overwhelmed and unsure of what chair best suits them. Here at Fino, we come across this daily with our esteemed clients and so we’ve put together some of our top designer chairs to give you an idea of what’s on the market right now and the unique assets that each of these chairs bring to your home.

The Chair That Lives Alone

The Toa, pronounced “TOI”, is an armchair which lives alone. Designed by the brilliant Rémi Bouhaniche, the Toa strives to be the single most unique piece in a living room. With a playful and intuitive shape, it is no surprise that Ligne Roset’s armchair draws the eye of every person in a room. Its design is contemporary, making it the sort of chair anyone would want to own, a people-pleaser. The base of this chair is a frame with a quilted body wrapped over it. The enveloping arms and padded seat can present an almost casual flair when issued in a more deliberate textile, but it also finds a home in a chic environment with a wool finish and can even be discovered in an office environment in leather. As stated earlier, the Toa needs no other seating to compliment it but rather is fully capable of being matched with a nearby coffee table or pouffe. This makes the Toa an ideal nook for a cup of tea and a thick book. 

The Chair That’s Got Your Back

Created by Italian designers Edi and Paolo, Ditre Italia’s Linear uses a time-honoured style with a modern twist. The wrap-around seat makes the chair exceptionally welcoming, giving your legs ample room to find comfort. Unlike the Togo (see below) the shape of the Linear keeps you relaxed but supported enough to be able to raise yourself up into a more alert fashion, due to the tall and broad backrest. This design choice means the Linear remains more available to a variety of environments, its swivel base version being more popular in a business office and its four-legged spread in eucalyptus wood looking right at home in a chic bungalow. Reminiscent of classic design, the Linear will remain a stylish and timeless standard in the furniture industry for many years to come.

The Chair That Swallows You Up

The Togo is a universally renowned chair and we would be amiss not to mention this all-timer on this list. Born in a family of designers, there was no doubt that the Togo’s creator, Michel Ducarcy, would follow in the same footsteps and become a well-recognized name in the field of luxury furniture. When he joined Ligne Roset in 1954, he quickly rose to recognition by designing many exquisite pieces, but his masterpiece came in the form of the Togo. First released in 1973, it has remained the ultimate in comfort and style for over 40 years. The Togo’s timeless collection features a foam construction with padded covers and the inviting spread means you get to be swallowed up in the layers of comfort that it offers. The Togo is specially made as the ideal seat after a long working day or for a siesta; it is also the perfect place for a comfortable evening with family and friends. The Togo is a statement piece and the ultimate addition to any living room.

The Chair That Never Ages

At Ditre Italia, every product stems from a rich history of over 40 years of artistic upholstery tradition combined with exquisite attention to detail. The Dufflé pays homage to this order by presenting a timeless and beautiful design that earns it a definitive place on our list. The personal style of an individual should be projected onto life itself and this applies also to the allure of the person’s living situation. The Dufflé brings a wealth of class to any room, proof that the designers at Ditre Italia have an eye for detail. Expressing the ageless beauty of the seat is an innovative shape, an all-enveloping headrest, and a choice of finishing for the feet in wooden eucalyptus or black nickel. Its ergonomic shape combines brilliantly with the classic composition of the chair, providing gracious proportions for extended periods of relaxation. The Dufflé is a truly delightful seat that immortalizes itself in your living room.

The Chair That Stands Out

Envisioned by the brilliant Inga Sempé, the Moël chair is a seat that grabs your attention from the moment you are in its presence. The top-heavy yet elegant back creates an area that appeals to friends and lovers alike, enveloping the sitters in a private experience. When designing the chair, Inga Sempé drew heavily on Ligne Roset’s traditional approach to all-foam models, creating a soft and welcoming surface that spans across a gentle, rounded shape, resulting in a comfortable and convivial space. The inside covers of the Moël are ordered independently of the exterior corolla, thus opening up options for bi-colour or bi-material solutions. Unsurprising that this chair was awarded ‘BEST OF THE BEST’ Product Design 2007 with the Red Dot Award. The Moël is truly a chair that looks nothing like any other seat in existence.

We hope that you enjoyed our list of top designer armchairs for 2019! Make sure to check out our other fantastic living furniture and follow us on social media for updates on new luxurious designs.



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