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Choose the right lighting

For the most eye-catching results, lighting can be used as unique fixtures chosen to compliment your home’s architectural features and draw attention to areas of your home that mean something special to you, such as your prized Bonsai collection or that antique statuette of your great-great-grandfather. Like all trends in society, lighting has its own conventions. Artistic, modern designs sit side-by-side with classic shapes and all the in-betweens, to bring the right look to your home. The right lighting and design can be used to enhance your living space, setting the balance for the perfect ambiance and shedding a warm glow on your home setting or applying shades of contrast to your stylish furniture. The idea of bringing light into our homes goes back to a time when light meant warmth as people huddled by the hearth or closed fire, a measure of security and protection from the outside elements and darkness, and health and practicality when a fire-pit was also a method of food preparation. Contemporary choices like the Hunt Lamb bring us back to another time and bring with them a primordial feel as they occupy a central location in your living area. Lighting can be much more than just a cosmetic choice; it can be a key feature to defining what your home feels like to both you and your family and guests. So, what sort of unique lighting defines you?

Hunt Lamb by Ditre Italia | Fino

Bring natural light into your home

Besides natural light, it can be challenging to find suitable lighting that keeps you feeling happy and healthy in your daily life. We close our eyes at night in the dark, we leave our homes in the dark and return in the dark, we gaze at screens and ponder the night sky – we spend a huge amount of time under the effects of artificial lighting. As we are a species who enjoys being out in the sunlight, indoor lighting may cause us to lose our sense of time whilst spending so many hours inside our home. Therefore, we strive to enrich our lives by surrounding ourselves with lighting that helps us feel like we are in a natural environment. Lamps that are of a simple and elegant design can bring brightness, colour, and visibility, enhancing the energy they provide. Lighting can come in various forms, from conveniently placed desk lamps such as the Thor, to regular wall lighting, luxury standing lamps, distinct ceiling lamps, and discreet floor lighting, such a wide choice means you will always find a way to brighten up your home. This information is crucial when choosing your lighting solutions. Depending on what you want to use your space for, you might find that warmer or colder light is recommended.

Thor by Cattelan | Fino

Keep it cozy

A living room usually benefits from a warm and cozy yellow glow, refreshing the mind and boosting your mood, to enrich the moment when settling down with friends and family, while an office might do better with cooler shades of white to give off a productive and professional feel. A standing lamp such as the Giravolta can be the perfect ray of sunshine to bathe your living room in a warm glow. Place this luxury piece in your favourite entertainment area and bring a lavish look to your lifestyle, whilst modernizing your furniture layout and home décor.

Giravolta by Pedrali | Fino

Dine in Style

On the other hand, while sitting around the dining table for dinner, we require the gentler touch of soft-white light that does not imprint sharply on our vision. Something unobtrusive and out of the way, casting light over our table as we enjoy a meal with friends and loved ones. Ceiling lamps such as the Apollo and the Lim-Z exist for this purpose, hanging discreetly from the ceiling to shed light and adding a dash of style to your dining experience.

Apollo and Lim-Z by Cattelan | Fino

Move into the light

Whatever your living situations, deciding to bring some light into your home can be a glaring task. Whilst the infinite possibilities might fill you with delight and anticipation, they might also cause you to feel a bit apprehensive and even overwhelmed by the choices that come to light. This is completely understandable and very normal, which is why at Fino we tackle these feelings daily and why our furnishing experts have been trained to approach these choices in a clear and concise manner, ready to guide you through the process and ensure that your lighting experience is a pleasant and constructive one from the moment you have a bright idea. Start illuminating your home today!



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