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Fino's Tips - Ironing Out the Details

After your very first appointment at Fino, you will definitely want to schedule another appointment to start refining the little details. Although the main components will be almost ready, you will still be able to change various aspects of your room. Whether it’s adding more drawers or shelves instead of cabinets to your kitchen island, choosing the colours of the headboard for your bed or changing the handles to your wardrobe. You can also make changes to the finishes, be it a gloss, matte, leather, fabric etc. The layout options available for you and your sales consultant are endless!

Once you have finalised your design with us, a member of our technical team will conduct a site visit to ensure that all measurements are accurate and add up. Our team will also assess if the proposed furniture, such as kitchen, bed etc., will fit in the area. This also allows us to see if any additional units can fit in the design, to maximise your space without compromising the aesthetics of the room.

Throughout the visit, measurements are taken with the latest technological tools available to ensure each measurement is accurate to the millimetre. If there are existing electrical points, these will be checked, and if any additional points or new points are needed, an updated electrical plan will be drafted. During this site visit, our technical personnel will also check the access to the site to ensure no issues are encountered during the delivery process.

After the Site Survey further, checks are carried out, and if required, your Sales Consultant will update the design accordingly. Following these changes, a final check is carried out by the Technical Team. Once all checks are completed the Electrical & Plumbing drawing is forwarded to you. This drawing will also be used by our Installation Team later on.

At Fino, we are known for our Veneta Cucine kitchens but that is not all we do. We can furnish any room in your home. Regardless if it is an outdoor space for your next BBQ or your home office with a perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality. The possibilities at Fino are endless! So stop by our showroom so we can get started on designing your next room!

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