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Fino's Tips - Delivery and Installation Done Right

In conjunction with your personal sales consultant, our Customer Relations officers ensure that all the correct documents are in place. We will handle all administrative and logistic tasks hereinafter.

At this point, your order is now complete with a defined week for when you would like the furniture to be delivered and assembled. So, you may sit back and wait for the production to begin. Your furniture will take a defined minimum number of weeks to be completed as our suppliers require some time to source quality materials and make sure that your order is manufactured with the best result possible.

A week before your furniture is due to be delivered, our Customer Relations Officer will contact you to schedule the most suitable day and time to effect delivery and installation. Our representative will walk you through the logistics involved and will ask a set of questions to ensure we have all the detailed information that will help us in carrying out the delivery. We establish the location, and the floor number, and remind you to apply for the necessary permits needed on the day of the delivery. We also offer to book the furniture lifter or crane service on your behalf, unless your home is located at the ground floor. In a nutshell, we plan accordingly to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

If the place is already habitable, we remind you to move any items along the delivery path inside your home. This will avoid causing any damage to the surroundings or furniture itself.

Come the day of delivery, on the way to your home you will receive a call from a Fino representative, who will also be present on site. Our presence guarantees that we are efficient and can resolve any problems which might crop up during the day.

On the day of installation, the Fino installers will arrive on-site to assemble your furniture. Our highly skilled installers are attentive and always treat the furniture as if they are installing them in their very own home. This means that each order is installed with care and precaution; from laying out the different furniture modules, installing them, discussing with you any specific requests you might have, to finally cleaning up the area once the installation is finished. Throughout the installation, the Fino head of installers might also conduct a spot check to make sure that the Fino standard is followed. We also save you the hassle of throwing away the cardboard and jablo packaging. You will receive a call to organize the collection of this waste, and within 2-3 working days it is collected and disposed of appropriately.

Here at Fino, we make sure to make your experience worthwhile while you furnish your home with us. If any queries arise before, during or after your order our after-sales team are only a click or call away. No matter how many years pass by, we are always here to offer the service.

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