A versatile arrangement of sofa elements that complies with the untidiness of everyday life

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What is order, if not a witty spatial arrangement of elements? With this purpose in mind, Tidy takes up the call, but it does so with tact and ease. It rekindles the usual line of sofas with horizontal and vertical extensions, that is, a headrest and its convenient lateral chaise longue. Upholstery may be removed, in order to comply with the untidiness of everyday life.

Supporting structure in pinewood of various thicknesses. Remaining parts in Class E1 wood particleboard panels, details in hard or cellulose wood-based panels. Structure covered by Tecnoform.

Seat with elastic strips in propylene fibre and latex.

Back Cushions in frayed polyester fibre. Seat Cuschions in non deformable polyurethane foam with a 30 kg/cbm density, with Tecnoform covered.

In fabric or texil completely removable (for composition and washing instructions, please refer to the label). Leather or artificial leather not available.

Black metal lacquered standard feet.

Armrest width cm. 13 Height seat 45 cm. from ground. Seat depht 58 cm. Chaise longue 125 cm. Height 84 cm. from ground. Feet height cm. 17 The sofas are made with supple, elastic upholstery and padding, therefore sizes may vary by up to +/- 3 cm. shapes and sizes