Ligne Roset

With the Riga armchair, he seizes on an archetypal piece, the Voltaire armchair.

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However comfortable it may be, this traditional armchair generally has a rather stiff, static air. Eric Jourdan’s challenge was to soften its lines and breathe life and dynamism into them. By treating the exterior shell as a shroud, a living skin which envelops the seat and back cushions, Eric Jourdan delivers a rejuvenated, pared-down version with free, sensual lines. The tight curve of the armrests brings them intimately close to the arms of the user in a movement which is as surprising as it is welcoming. The slope of the back guarantees just the right degree of comfort whilst lending the whole piece graceful impetus. The contrasting association of the reassuring thickness of the seat and the lightness of the back cushion and the shell lends great strength to the whole piece, evoking the energy of a feline gathering itself up to spring, at once light and powerful. The impression of lightness is accentuated by the slimness of the matt black or brilliant-chromed metal legs which raise the Riga seating – armchair, settee and footstool – from the ground. All the expertise of Ligne Roset was required to bring this project to life, particularly in terms of the finesse and fluidity of the curved lines of its exterior shell, a small technical miracle made possible by a mechanically-soldered metal structure clad in injected polyurethane foam.