Beautiful geometry meets fundamental needs in this innovative bed design

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This innovative padded bed detaches itself with the usual binary schemes, which would thrive on the juxtaposition of a vertical headboard and a horizontal base. Instead, metaphorically speaking, Snap is able to weld together its separate modules. The result is a unique structural trend, which transforms the mattress into a floating guest — and it does so precisely because of its geometric indivisibility, which is taken to express direct and strong fundamental values, as well as the space-saving need for extra room and lightweight modules.

Headboard panel, frame members and footboard in class E1 wood fibreboard and solid wood. For the CONTENITORE or STAY models: the bottoms of the box are in class E1 wood fibreboard panels clad in melamine resin or the optional BOOK bottom is in class E1 wood fibreboard panels upholstered in removable, washable grey jacquard fabric.

Supporting bed base with steel frame 40×30 coated in Anthracite grey epoxy powder with wooden slats.

Headboard in form-stable expanded polyurethane, density 30 kg/m3 covered in resin-bonded layer. Frame members and footboard in form-stable expanded polyurethane, density 30 kg/m3 with resin-bonded cover.

Fabric upholstery fully removable, Texil and leatherette upholstery partially removable.

Standard feet, optionals and finishes available.

Upholstered bed available with Slim bed frame.

For the CONTENITORE and STAY bed models: high-resistance steel actuators, epoxy powder coated in Anthracite grey, with gas spring mechanism.