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Choosing the Right Dining Table

Walk into a furniture showroom and you are greeted by dining tables of all shapes and materials. The dining table comes in a score of designs and ranges drastically in practicality and appeal. Choosing the one that suits you best depends on the size of the space you have available and your living situation, so we’ve lined up the main points for you to go over.

Rectangular Dining Tables

It’s no surprise that the rectangular table gets the popularity vote. Versatile, functional, these typical dining tables will easily cater for six to twelve people at a time. With enough room to pile on the whole Christmas lunch spread, and the potential to extend indefinitely by placing more side by side, the rectangular dining arrangement is the table for practicality.

Ideally, look for a rectangular table that is 91 cm to 107 cm wide. The narrow shape works better in a room that is longer than it is wide, but if the table you pick out is narrower than 91 cm, you might find it challenging to set the table for people on both sides. A hot furniture trick if you prefer the narrow selection of tables is to place your spread on a nearby sideboard or buffet table so that your guests can serve themselves.

+ Lots of surface area

+ Seats many

+ Available in many sizes

– Takes up the most space compared to other tables

Ikon Dining Table,

Square Dining Tables

Square tables, just smaller versions of the rectangular tables, right? Well, not quite. A square table is a choice if your regular dining arrangement is not too large and affords a sense of intimacy and satisfaction when seating four to six people, a feeling which can be somewhat lost when sitting at the larger rectangular table. Two square tables can also be brought together to extend into a rectangular dining experience for those special occasions, giving you the best of both worlds.

Apart from dining options, a square table also affords a better furniture option for other moments, such as playing a board game or having a chat over a cappuccino.

+ Ideal for smaller rooms

+ Perfect for playing a game or socializing

+ Seats a decent amount of people

– Not easy to add more seats

Linus Dining Table

Round Dining Tables

Round tables, like square ones, are perfect for rooms limited on furniture space. By design, the circular nature of these tables means they take up less space and are also more mobile, so you can change up your seating plans on the fly with these tables. In keeping with their square counterparts, round tables afford the same level of elegance and intimacy to the dining experience. The typical round table may also be fitted with a single central leg, allowing you to easily slide extra chairs around the table to accommodate more people. Finally, for those with children, the round table is without corners, making it the safer family table choice.

+ Ideal for small spaces

+ Easily add extra seats

+  Kid-friendly

+ Easy to move around

– Can’t be pushed against a wall

– Fewer people fit at the table

Bora Bora Dining Table

Oval Dining Tables

An oval dining table is an elegant novelty. Where most of the furniture in your home follow straight or round edges, the oval dining table is a welcome difference that keeps the atmosphere unique and eye-catching. Complimenting a narrow room just like a rectangular table, the oval table is also easier to move around and works well for families with small children. It allows for a generous amount of seating and keeps the conversation centralized.

+ Ideal for narrow spaces

+ Extra chairs can easily be added

+ Kid-friendly

+ A unique choice

– Can’t be pushed against a wall

Reef Dining Table

We hope that by now you’re excited about getting your new dining table! Check our article on lighting in the home so you can start choosing the best way to illuminate your dining arrangement. When you’re ready to take the plunge, leave us a message so we can sit down together and discuss your new workspace at home.



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