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Furniture Care - Proper Sofa Care

Different upholstery and fabrics have different approaches to keeping them clean and well-maintained. We’ve put together a list for sofa-owners out there, to help keep your investment clean and well-maintained.

Vacuum Often

Vacuuming the sofa is a relatively quick task which can be easily slotted in among other chores you do on a weekly basis. Most models these days come with an attachment or two that is specially designed to tackle the groves and curves of sofas, and make sure to vacuum under any removable cushions and push the sofa away from the wall so you can do the floor beneath also. The pet owners out there know how important this can be – an alternative to the vacuum is the lint roller, to gather up all those stray hairs on your sofa.

Deal With Stains

A sofa stain needs to be treated immediately, and this is especially true on a leather sofa. Stains should be cleaned before they have a chance to set, using a dry cloth or paper cloth to blot the stain up quickly and then a liquid-based cleaner to rub out the remainder. Make sure you know what cleaning product you should be using – check the manufacturer’s label to choose the right product and if there is no label then do a spot test with a furniture cleaning solution to find one that works for the sofa. Be careful with grease or oil stains – these can be especially tricky to remove and you should consult with professional cleaning services. Important note: Never use any sort of cleaner/degreaser / sgrassatore meant to remove grease or oil on your sofa. Also, consider treating your leather sofa with a special-purpose moisturizer once a year – speak to a professional for more information.

Pumpkin sofa by Ligne Roset

Keep Moving

Sitting in one spot for too often can cause sofa cushions to lose their natural firmness and become uncomfortably soft. This can also increase the chances of dirt accumulating in the same areas. Always make sure you are shifting the place you’re sitting every time you use your sofa and encourage household members to do the same. Keep away from the sofa armrest – though young children love perching up here, only the seating portions of a sofa are intended to bear weight and sitting on an armrest can cause damage!

Cushion Care

Make sure that removable cushions are also regularly fluffed. Just poke and prod them around just like a bed pillow, this will move around the stuffing inside and ensure that it does not clump together and harden. Every couple of weeks, make sure the removable cushions are flipped over – this encourages even wear and helps maintain the natural cushion shape.

Sofa Shade

Sunlight can actually be quite harmful to sofas. Keep your sofa away from direct sunlight and open windows. If you can draw the curtains or close the blinds during peak sunlight hours, do so.

Buying furniture, especially a Fino piece, is such an important step in your life. Taking care of it is the next important step! Come visit us at the Fino showroom or send us a message, perhaps we can help you on your way.

Artis sofa by Ditre Italia

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