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Choosing new furniture is a nice project for growing your own nest or refurbishing it. Once your home is furnished, the real fun begins. The furniture we chose become the part of our home feeling, we are relaxing on the sofas on lazy days. But sometimes we get too relaxed and we drop foods, spill drinks, put dirty feet, where we shouldn’t, or maybe the baby chose the new sofa for the new snacking spot. We understand, that you want to take good care of your furniture, so we collected the most valuable tips on how to clean the sofa when life happens, and stains appear.


  1. Act quickly! Grab absorbent paper and try to absorb the liquid before it fully penetrates the fabric.
  2. For alcohol and liquor stains use shampoo with water and mild soap, then rub it with a wet cloth with denatured or diluted alcohol (10- 20%).
  3. We all know how fast soft drinks and wine spilt on the sofa happen. To prevent stains, use vinegar and water, rub it with a wet cloth, and later on the shampoo with water and mild soap.
  4. Boyfriend or a husband watched a match with friends and they had an accident with beer on the sofa? It’s okay, warm water with added denatured alcohol (3%) will help.
  5. Coffee and tea should be easy to remove with water and mild soap. In case the stain is more persistent, use a wet cloth and diluted ammonia (10%).


Sometimes it’s just so much more fun to eat a snack on the couch, and especially children like to choose their snacking places with the highest risk.

  1. Chocolate and sweets! We all caught children happily feasting on sweets on the sofa. Luckily warm water and diluted ammonia (5%) make your sofa clean and stain-free again.
  2. Breakfast on the sofa, with jam, fruit juice or syrup? wet cloth with warm water should help with any stains. If it doesn’t help, use perchloroethylene
  3. For stains made by oil or grease, we recommend dry cleaning.
  4. Chewing gums can also be unfortunate on the sofa. wet cloth with perchloroethylene should solve your problem.

Cosmetics, ink, shoe polish and other stains that shouldn’t be on the sofa

Should you encounter misfortunes with objects that are usually not found on the sofa, here are some ideas on how to remove the stains.

  1. For biro stains and shoe polish use a wet cloth with perchloroethylene
  2. Paints: good old water and soap.
  3. Cosmetics: Usually you only need to shampoo with water and mild soap; in case of persistent stains, use perchloroethylene or ammonia diluted at 5%. Never use acetone or any other solvent used for removing nail polish.
  4. For keeping the cat from manicuring on the sofa, scatter some pepper, the odour will bother the cat.

When and how to clean your sofa?

For regular maintenance sofa should be regularly cleaned with frequent air changes, to avoid deposits of insects that cause allergies. Removing the cover of the sofa and cleaning the structure and upholstering for at least one year are recommended.

A chamois-leather cloth soaked with water and vinegar or ammonia will remove the dust and brighten the colours.

Tips provided by our supplier Ditre Italia.


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