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In terms of corporate development, team-building activities are equally important to the immediate experience of all personnel involved, but also essential in enhancing group skills and determining staff to get to know each other. Fino believes in empowering its employees by taking them out of their daily routine and challenging them to build a more forward-thinking personality both outside and inside the company walls.

In the attempt of organizing a day that focuses on all the individuals that add their daily contribution to one of the most reputable furniture houses in Malta, a wonderful team-building day was planned by the company on September 30 at Buskett Gardens and the beautiful city of Mdina. This type of activities remind us that taking a step out of the office helps groups break down barriers, eliminate distractions and have fun, eventually adding up to a more productive work environment and a stronger relationships between all staff members.

The event kicked off with a series of group activities of Buskett Garden, where everyone arrived on a double-decker bus! The game sets varied and mainly focused on getting to know one another and having fun in a constructive way.  A treasure hunt followed in Mdina, where employees that were already divided into teams of 8 ran around the historical city causing quite a stir among tourists and residents that had to help them achieve their tasks… Everyone left the premises with a positive attitude and a boost of energy for the week and months to come!



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