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When designing an office layout, there are many things to be taken into consideration.

The wellbeing of the employees that will make use of that space is probably the most important aspect that the Projects Division at Fino focuses on when meeting their clients` requests…It`s clear by now that every company`s dream is to keep workers engaged and focused on their daily assignments.

But how can you achieve that? To some of your employees, the slightest detail can be a distraction…

At Fino Projects, experts have gathered a set of rules that should apply in delivering not just a stylish product but also a hive of engagement and productivity. Workspaces should be flexible and provide a variety of areas that encourage movement throughout the day. The identity of the company is one of the factors that defines the layout of an office. In many cases an office can enhance this identity and turn it into a stronger corporate image.

A workspace should also have a bright open feel. Clean air and water, proper A/C systems and the correct use of blinds are just a few elements that allow employees to spend a reasonable amount of hours without tiring due to poor ventilation or lighting. At Fino, we do our best in creating open office spaces, where possible. The choice of furniture influences these decisions and enhances the possibility of creating quality environments. As fit-out experts, our team is able to fully appreciate clients` expectations in all project development stages, from planning to design and execution. A full office layout, including flooring, partitions and furnishing is often ruined by poor electrical and lighting systems. To solve this issue Fino Projects partners with renowned brands in order to ease of access to all devices and bring systems together at the touch of a click or push of a button on your mobile, tablet or computer. Reducing the number of wires in a workspace might seem like an unimportant factor to many, yet it is a key strategy when it comes to giving a tidy appearance to all workstations.

A good color scheme can boost happiness, productivity and creativity amongst employees. The Projects Division at Fino integrates this aspect by being a reliable provider of a wide spectrum of colorful accessories and furniture from top brands worldwide such as Arper, Herman Miller and Della Valentina Office. Flexibility and providing your employees with designated lounge areas is another trend that our experts successfully implement when designing a workspace. Fino has transitioned from perfectly planning permanent work layouts into creating modular elements that turn into an ever-changing landscape. Providing your client with modular components that can be interchanged, stacked and moved around offers a valuable number of combinations that turns a normal office into a dynamic and collaborative workplace.

Experience and capability have made Fino a company that invests all efforts and valuable resources into understanding and fully appreciating a vision, concept or idea of a client. The relationship that our experts have with customers secures their dreams and turns them into reality by delivering projects to the highest quality standards.

We are Fino, Malta`s Finest!


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