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Beautiful offices are more than just aesthetics. Several researches suggest that attractive working environments do make a difference in the lives of employees and increase their productivity at work. Below are benefits that your company will receive from beautiful offices. 

Beautiful offices boost sales

The reception area is amongst the first points of contact when clients and business partners visit a company. It introduces those visitors to the company and can reflect the quality of work they expect, especially for those in the creative industry like marketing or advertising agencies. Why not make it standout from that of your competitors? Our office furniture supplier DVO SpA offers a range of reception area for different needs, be it an upmarket hotel lounge or a sport betting company.


DV701 Abako by DVO SpA.

Beautiful offices enhance employees’ mood

Employees’ work performance improves in beautiful spaces. Our previous blog shows how office design can improve work productivity. Small things such as natural lighting helps reduce eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness. Pleasant surroundings help workers be more creative. Furthermore, attractive offices help increase staff retention as they show how companies appreciate their employees. The Living Office concept by Herman Miller offers flexibility and adaptation to each individual as companies reach new stages.


Atlas Office Landscape by Herman Miller.

Beautiful offices encourage collaboration

People adjust their behaviour based on their environment. In military uniform, people tend to be more disciplined and obedient but at the cost of creativity; when in a church or a library, people unconsciously walk slower. Similarly, in separate cubicles colleagues may interact less; whilst in open space offices, they will feel free to move around, and chances are that they will gather and exchange ideas more. Our supplier Pedrali SpA offers office furniture in unusual shapes and bright colours to encourage this spirit.


Temps executive chair by Pedrali SpA.



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