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Tired at work for no reason? Always in need of coffee? Difficult to focus? We get it. It turns out that different design elements affect your brain. Below are 10 points that you can do today to improve your and your colleagues’ productivity.

1. Your chair & desk

A good chair and desk are probably the most essential pieces of office furniture. A quality chair promotes good posture and helps you work more efficiently. Take the Cosm office chair by Herman Miller. Its sophisticated and ergonomic design instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide natural balance and total support. Its suspension and flexible frame work together to give you a feeling of weightlessness.


Cosm office chair by Herman Miller. Its Auto-Harmonic Tilt, Intercept suspension, and flexible frame work together to give you a feeling of weightlessness.

2. Office lighting

Natural light is the best option. It is completely free, so it won’t cost anything additional to your company. Position your desk to benefit from this source of light and use window blinds to minimize the glare on your computer screen. Replace old blinking fluorescent lights in your office with LED bulbs. Get yourself a desk lamp if it’s necessary.


Ample Task Light by Herman Miller.

3. Clutter

Every day before heading home, take a few minutes to organize your office. Write down tasks you haven’t done yet, which will be the first items on your to-do list the next day. Put things you might need in the future in a drawer of your desk and empty it out at the end of each month. More likely than not, you don’t need them. Who doesn’t like a clutter-free working space?


Workstation DV801 Entity by DVO.

4. The color of the office

The dominant color of most offices is white. However, if you love pink, bring your pink mug or stick pink post-its on the space divider of your cubicle. Bring a small piece of furniture in your favorite color. A little bit color never hurt anyone.


Colorful Ratio office layout by Herman Miller.

5. Office temperature

Half of the time it’s uncomfortably cold in the office, other times it’s too warm. If you have your own office, you can turn on the AC or open the windows. If you share your office with your colleagues, be mindful of them. Go to work in thin clothes and bring extra warm clothes, even a blanket, to layer when needed.

6. Scents in the office

Does a colleague’s perfume distract you? Is your office situated right next to the restroom? Open the windows to let in some fresh air in or bring a small reed diffuser to your office.


Open the windows if you can – Atlas Office Landscape by Herman Miller

7. Noise level

Too much noise can be as distracting as complete silence. If your workplace is too noisy for you, noise-canceling headphones are a good solution. Depending on your work, you might not want to block all noise – perhaps your colleagues might require your attention at any given moment. Most noise-canceling headphones allow users to adjust the level of the ambient noise. On the other hand, if your workplace is too quiet, free music streaming services have numerous playlists designed to help you stay concentrated.


Kivo by Herman Miller gives you privacy at the workplace and blocks out unwanted noises at the same time.

8. Air quality

Poor air quality can make you feel sick over time. Open the windows to circulate the air. Even when it’s cold outside, try to open the windows for a few minutes. However, if you work in an industrial zone with multiple factories nearby, this might not be a good idea. If noise isn’t a problem, get yourself an air purifier or simply bring a few plants to your office.


Public Office Layout with plenty of greenery – Herman Miller.

9. Working space

If possible, change your workplace on the days when you get bored. Use the company lobby, empty conference rooms, kitchens, and lounges. If your company doesn’t have these amenities, consider a coffee shop or nearby library. It’s 2019, all you need is a laptop and a stable Internet connection. And don’t forget to inform your supervisor. If you can’t relocate, add a new piece of furniture to your office whilst removing old things. Think of photos from your last vacation or an inspirational book on your reading list.


Work wherever you want. Log Lounge Chairs by Pedrali.

10. Refreshments

It’s not easy to concentrate when you’re hungry, so bring some snacks with you! Fresh fruit is the best, but don’t feel ashamed about junk food. No one can stay concentrated for too long, that’s why we invented coffee breaks. Most companies these days offer free coffee, tea, and juice, so you don’t need to go to a coffee shop anymore. It’s very important to stay hydrated with plenty of water though, as coffee can dehydrate you.


Coffee, anyone? Everywhere Tables and Kivo Space Divider by Herman Miller.



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