Cattelan Italia

Modular bookcase in titanium (GF11), graphite (GF69) or white (GF71) lacquered embossed MDF. Max capacity: kg 60 (105), kg 45 (65), kg 40 (B) spread load. Wall anchorage is necessary.



Since 2006 the iconic modular wall bookcase Wally furnishes rooms with an essential and unique taste that best expresses Cattelan Italia’s style. Its authenticity can be noticed in the laquered wood, which is finely finished with high quality manufacturing techniques. The original combinations and possibilities granted by this modern modular bookcases perfectly adapt to the walls of any room. Moreover, the different sizes of the wooden compartments highlight the shapes of the books and objects, displayed like symbols of one’s passions and interests. The wide range of finishes is crefted from the best quality materials, making Wally a precious and sophisticated modern wood bookcase.