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A sofa that offers a visually fluffy look that is particularly welcoming

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Nils sofa offers a visually fluffy look that is particularly welcoming. Volumes are harmonious and balanced. Their simplicity is offset by their soft appearance and the sophistication of the seams used: mixing simple seams and edge-to-edge seams on the frame gives Nils a ”tailored” spirit tinged with casual elegance.


3 cross layer laminated panels and plywood with
polyether foam overlaid and Bultex high
resilience polyurethane foam. The entire
structure is additionally covered with polyester
wadding 300 g / m2.

Suspension of the seat by Bonnel biconical
steel wire springs connected to each other.
Integrated seat cushions of high resilience
polyurethane Bultex foam 36 kg/m3 – 2,8 kPa
with a Bultex layer of comfort 38 kg/m3 – 2,8
kPa. To ensure the longevity and optimize
comfort each seating position is reinforced in
front by a high resilience polyurethane foam 50
kg/m3 – 6,3 kPa and by a foam Bultex 42 kg/m3
– 4,8 kPa on each of its sides. Seat cushion
covered on its top and front sides by
Polyurethane high resilience Bultex foam and
wadding of polyester 300 g / m2. Suspension of
backrest of Bultex foam 36 kg/m3 – 2,8 kPa
foam and polyurethane foam high resilience 50
kg / m 3 – 6,3 kPa. Backrest cushions (except
Chair) of compartmentalized new goose
feathers. The front and back ends of each
armrest – clad in high resilience polyurethane
Bultex foam and polyester wadding – are also

Sophisticated association of 3 types of seams:
simple and edge-to-edge seams for frames,
double-needle sewing for backrest cushions.
Cover completely removable (except for leather
and microfibers). Seat, backrest and armrest
blocks easily disassembled (facilitates delivery or
moving if needed).