Layout Studio Exchange

Layout Studio Exchange

Herman Miller

Layout Studio is applicable in all office environments. Layout Studio can respond to the needs of individuals and teams and can change as those needs change.

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Our bodies are made to move. Layout Studio Exchange promotes health and well-being by encouraging a dynamic approach to how individuals work. This is so important because research shows that when our bodies are static, we risk health issues such as fatigue and musculoskeletal injuries. Prolonged sitting can even lead to long-term conditions such as heart disease. Layout Studio Exchange is designed to move us.

United we stand
Through our research, we’ve learned that nearly 70 percent of all collaboration happens at the desk. To facilitate the free flow of ideas and knowledge sharing, individual workspaces should adapt to the needs of more than one person. Layout Studio Exchange adjusts naturally to the people who use it. Individuals can modify their workspace and stand shoulder-to-shoulder or sit side-by-side, which is unifying and energising.

Stay in control
Layout Studio Exchange can be modified so effectively, it enables people to make choices without realising they’re doing it. From electric sit-stand, to seated crank adjustability, Layout Studio Exchange adapts to different work activities and their supporting postures, and allows them to change naturally throughout the day. An open-ended solution, it also allows a fixed-height workstation to be easily updated to a crank-adjustable or sit-stand model at a later date.

Seamless integration
Because Layout Studio Exchange shares design features with the rest of the Layout Studio family, they integrate seamlessly together to provide a highly adaptable, and contemporary, global workplace solution. The added element of choice through height-adjustability and an array of colours, materials and finishes creates nearly endless possibilities for expressing an organisation’s character.