A solid wood lounge chair that takes inspiration from artisan-made wood



“Lightweight in form and environmental footprint, Kata is designed with circular sustainability at its core. Arper’s first solid wood lounge chair, Kata takes inspiration from artisan-made wood and woven straw chairs and reimagines the near-universal typology using contemporary, sustainable solutions in an expression that’s both graphic and warm. Kata finds form in juxtaposition—an evocative gesture in the movement between material presence and minimal silhouette, softness and strength, tradition and technology.
Kata combines traditional craftsmanship with soft technology, for an elegant and distinctive lounge chair, suitable for multiple indoor and outdoor applications: from the intimacy and warmth of the home to the needs of common spaces in contract settings. The solid wood structure, available in oak or black locust, both FSC certified, supports the body, made of 3D fabric with a delicate weave, designed specifically for the Kata project. The upholstery is made from post-consumer polyester yarns processed into lightweight, durable fibers. The fabric has been technologically conceived to perfectly adapt to the seat stem, reducing material waste to a minimum, and is available in two types: 3D knit with graphic pattern and internal micro padding or 3D knit with striped pattern (the latter is also suitable for outdoor use). Additional back and seat cushions can be customized, drawing from either Arper’s wide selection of fabrics or 3D Knit covers with graphic patterns.”