An adaptable system of seating



“In profile, Catifa looks a little like a carpet caught in the wind, beginning to curl and take flight. In fact, the comparison is literal — in Catalan, catifa means carpet.
Like a rug, the Catifa chair can be both embracing and thin as a line. It is a synthesis of maximum generosity and minimum gesture.
It allows comfort and freedom at the same time.
Catifa began with a simple idea. Over time, this most intuitive association would lead organically to a comprehensive, adaptable system of seating: chair, lounge, stool, ottoman, bench. An extensive system for both contract and residential applications, Catifa is available with custom finishes, fabrics, and leathers, bases and accessories. Since its original conception in 1999, Catifa has grown into a family of seven collections — Catifa 53, 46, 60, 70, 80, and most recently Catifa Sensit and Catifa Up — with variations in finish and form, yet has never lost its essential identity. Distinguished in its expression, Catifa offers a sensuous synthesis of function and form that, with a little creativity, can integrate into almost any environment. Complementary, yet singular. Compatible, yet distinctive. Together or alone. Catifa 53 is the original: the inspiration that extends to Arper itself. The graceful curved seat and sleek profile are the ultimate syntheses: conceptual purity is achieved through the reduction of the superfluous without loss of sensuality. Utilizing a wide range of finishes, bases, and accessories, this almost-universal form may be customized for diverse applications and contexts without altering its essential character.