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With the unprecedented events of 2020 have come some major shifts in the way many businesses function on a daily basis. Many find themselves questioning the wisdom in commuting and are more content with remaining safe and comfortable in their own homes. Companies have begun to reconsider their spend on corporate workplaces when employees have shown such productivity and success while working remotely. These questions have been of some consideration even in the years leading up to 2020 and naturally have since been brought under heavy scrutiny.

The office-trend-setter Herman Miller has recently been vocal about their approach to this, using a more distributed model of work – keeping the workplace important and even helping organizations find ways to make offices a crucial factor in their success stories. According to Herman Miller, the office space is not a by-gone notion and in fact will remain relevant far into the future.

Ryan Anderson, Vice President of Global Research at Herman Miller, shares with us below the changes in the typical workplace as jobs go “from office to everywhere”, a very exciting concept which considers a more distributed model of work.

Key Insights:

– Distributed ways of working — where people are empowered to work at different times and places—aren’t new, but they’ve been accelerated by the pandemic.

– People can be productive working elsewhere, but offices still provide great value as on-demand resources for individuals and teams.

– To remain relevant, offices of the future will need to build culture and community, support individual focus, and facilitate intensive teamwork.

– The work from home experience is different for everyone. Companies should continuously strive to help people stay healthy and productive, no matter where they are working.

Three Activities Every Office Should Support:

1. Connect with Extended Network – Areas that encourage people to interact with colleagues they don’t see every day allow people to build the relationships that are critical for maintaining culture. These spaces also help people feel a sense of purpose and belonging.

2. Focus on Intensive Work – Safely maintained, reservable on-site workstations are especially important since many people have difficulty focusing at home, especially on brain-intensive work.

3. Collaborate with Colleagues – Highly interactive settings that facilitate immersive on-site collaboration give people the time, space, and tools to solve complex problems that are difficult to address remotely.

To learn more about From Office To Everywhere check out the full report.

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