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For many years Fino has been the sole supplier of Herman Miller office solutions in Malta. Over the years Herman Miller products have become a staple for designing the best work or home office for any need.

On the 5th of October 2022, a joint event with Herman Miller was held in Malta, with the name Designing a Better Tomorrow and featured workspace specialist Bertie van Wyk. The workspace as we knew it a few years ago has evolved into something which has completely transformed the way we work in a team and individually.

Following the pandemic, the office still serves as a crucial anchor for employees. However, its primary use is changing with two-thirds saying they prefer a hybrid arrangement that allows them the option to use physical office spaces. When asked what motivates people to come into the office, 74% of the employees expressed that in-person meetings with co-workers and clients and linking up with colleagues are all key motives that encourage them to go into the office rather than working from home.

The evolution of Hybrid working was discussed in detail during this seminar. People with hybrid jobs have the freedom to work outside the workplace when it is the best option for them and their jobs. The workplace, on the other hand, can be reinvented to better support the entire range of work experiences that hybrid workers desire when they do come into the office.

This outlook has of course introduced a new challenge for employers. For hybrid working to work for every employee, a company must take into consideration what everyone’s job consists of including the technology and tools one uses on a day-to-day basis during the workday. The key to achieving this is inclusive design. This can be achieved in multiple ways including eliminating barriers such as cubicles and instead having more open spaces which encourage collaboration & free movement. By optimising the use of teams, flexible seating arrangements, individual tables, and portable digital and analogue workstations employers can also offer a great workspace for hybrid working.

Whether you’re looking to turn your office into a welcoming space for hybrid workers spending their workday at your office to re-inventing your home office to ensure maximum productivity for a busy day, furniture solutions by Herman Miller provide a wide range of possibilities. Visit our showroom in Mriehel to discover the full range of Herman Miller products that are available.

Enjoy a snippet of what went on during our event:

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