Welly Lockers

Welly Lockers

Ges Group

Welly Lockers are designed in an extremely rational, uncluttered style with multiple color solutions

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DESIGN A touch of minimalism and simplicity to upgrade the aesthetics of these communal spaces. The vast range of colours and finishes available is able to respond to any company’s brand identity needs. From wood-effect to corten and from tactile to plain monochrome: simple in design and structure, these lockers can be combined with fittings and panels faced to suit the style chosen by the company or the end-user.

COLOUR Every decor used for the Welly locker by Ges group, can be provided in an accurate reproduction of any interior design material. The many colour options, also available with different combinations, enable Ges Group lockers to be matched easily with the style of any existing furniture, or any design scheme chosen for the restyling and/or new realisation of these communal spaces. The melamine bench with the same locker’sdecor chosen, is also available.

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS Melamine panels with very high technical and aesthetic performance, thanks to the latest technologies and a thorough study of all the materials used. Wide range of finishes available in stock with new decorations and finishes.