Cattelan Italia

Console with base in titanium (GFM11), bronze (GFM18), graphite (GFM69), pearl (GFM70) or black (GFM73) embossed lacquered steel, Brushed Bronze or Brushed Grey steel. Top in Canaletto walnut (NC) or burned oak (RB) Wall anchorage is necessary.



Handcrafted woodworking is in the DNA of the Cattelan Italia brand. Over the years, the traditional carpentry techniques on which the company bases its roots have given way to the most modern and sophisticated solutions to create unique and sensational new furniture.
The modern Varenne wooden console table is the perfect example of the combination of love for working with materials, high quality standards and the desire to experiment with avant-garde forms.The top of this designer wooden console table features striking workmanship consisting of diagonal strips and shaped edges of varying thickness.
It is exactly the thicknesses that allow the wooden top to be joined to the metal base with aesthetic fluidity. While the former has a low edge that becomes thicker towards the outside, the latter, on the contrary, is composed of a metal plate, wide in the centre and tapering outwards.
This long-line appearance reduces the overall dimensions of the console, which, although it is two metres wide, is easily adaptable to different environments.
The result is a perfect paradox, a balanced asymmetry, an exquisitely disproportionate composition of weights and volumes. This modern design console is bold and very incisive. It divides the space and the wall with sharp lines and sharp edges, but is softened by the natural, warm appearance of fine wood. In other words, it is a masterpiece of Made in Italy design.