Senator Round

Senator Round

Cattelan Italia

Table with base in titanium (GFM11) or bronze (GFM18) embossed lacquered steel. Top in Canaletto walnut (NC) or burned oak (RB). Optional central swiveling tray Lazy Susan.

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The Senator family was born from the design table of 4 metres in decorated glass, ideal in a spacious dining room, a luxurious office or a formal setting. The family is further extended with the models Senator Round and Senator Ker-Wood Round. Both are large and stately round tables, but no less functional. They are suitable for both residential and business environments.
The former features a luxurious wooden table, while the Ker-Wood version with a wooden top and ceramic insert allows the choice of a wide range of precious woods, ceramics rich in colour nuances and metals that emphasise the contemporary style. The modern round tables of the Senator family have a strong statuesque character, derived from the 3 steel bases, and the ability to impress guests.
Paolo Cattelan creates the different Senator models to increase the possibilities of customisation. Everyone is free to follow their own taste and choose between the moulded glass of the rectangular model, the round wooden table or the combination of materials such as wood and ceramic with intense marble-effect highlights. This monumental and imposing round design table catches the eye like a true artistic sculpture.
For added comfort, the swivel tray Lazy Susan is available, allowing you to charm and pamper your diners with great elegance and practicality.