Pal Collection

Pal Collection


A collection that introduces you into a new aesthetic concept for indoor & outdoor furniture

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The minimal iconic shape at the front of the object is revolved around, keeping a constant flow of similarity between the different objects of this collection.
The Pal stool is multi-functional – there is room for storage and when it flips over it becomes a small side table then placed together with a second become an even larger coffee table; there has a hole in the lateral plan that works as room for storage.
Doux and Sloo are 2 collections that stand out, consisting of planters, tables, and versatile chairs, which give any space an avant-garde touch.
Whilst the Kannelloni, Spaguetti, and Vlek collections are composed of planters, which are distinguished by their futuristic shapes, and the wide range of finishes and colors that allow them to drift seamlessly between indoor and outdoor spaces.
The collection Pal, unique in its class, manufactured with the resin of polyethylene by the technique of rotational molding, introduces you to a new aesthetic concept for indoor & outdoor furniture. These designs are ideal in hotels or in private residences.