Cattelan Italia

Ceiling lamp with lampshade in artistic decorated fumé glass. Ceiling plate in black chrome (06) steel. Led lights. Optional: remote control and receiver.

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The blown glass lamp Ohay is made using the ancient Balloton technique, typical of the craft tradition of the Murano glass masters.

The sphere of the balloton lamp Ohay is characterised by a three-dimensional pattern of crossed rhombuses, obtained from a metal mould. The points inside the mould, following the blowing process, mould the molten glass and create the typical facetted effect of balloton work.

The optical effect is spectacular, further accentuated by the shading of the smoked glass. The light reverberates through the regular ripples and gives a soft, delicate effect.

The edge of the lampshade is encircled by a metal ring, which seems to be holding a balloon poised to take flight. Such is the grandeur of hand-worked glass, able to provide gracefulness and a persuasive soul to the cold, rigid material.