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Storage that adapts to organisational change

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Meridian’s strength lies in its ability to evolve as an organisation’s needs change. Its modular elements stack up, open from either side, and can be easily interchanged to create spaces where individuals and groups have the support to do their best work, both now and in the future.

Hardworking elements provide ample space for housing personal items, as well as the digital and analogue tools shared by groups. Options for wardrobes, storage units, and drawers – as well as mobility and power – add to the design’s utility.

A robust offering of paint, laminate, and veneer worktop finishes allows Meridian to be the centre of attention or to recede into the background – whichever best complements the aesthetic of a space. It offers unlimited opportunity for decorative display and keeps necessary books, binders, and tools close at hand.
Available in a variety of sizes, Meridian has numerous adjustable and customisable elements, and can be easily converted into cushion-topped seating.

Creatively combine Meridian storage elements to shape spaces that allow people to engage in an ideal mix of focused and collaborative activities. Stacked or standing alone, Meridian defines pathways between settings. The design also creates boundaries between workspaces, providing the privacy necessary for individual work. Cushion-topped drawers provide convenient guest seating.

A Meridian configuration can simultaneously provide storage, display, boundary, and work surface. Modular and reversible, Meridian quickly and easily adapts as an organisation grows. Interchangeable modules are available in a variety of sizes and configurations that will efficiently accommodate both current and future storage needs. Within each unit, options for customisation abound. Shelves, trays, and dividers can be configured to suit an individual or groups’ unique requirements.