Laminate flooring that can be laid over existing flooring – easy to lay and comes in a full range of decor

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The SKEMA Living laminate flooring family improves the limits of performance, offering solutions even more articulated in thickness, dimensions, traffic resistance (AC4-AC5-AC6), and water resistance (Hydro 24 hours). Material range includes plank, herringbone, and tile, as never before shown to the market, with synchronized design, protected bevel, and even simpler and safer installation systems. Not to mention that Living SKEMA’s laminate is made from natural wood. Living floorings are practical and do not require special maintenance. They can be laid over existing flooring, avoiding important construction interventions, and saving on time and costs of labor. We have a range of decor available, split into different surface finishings and measurements, that enhance the visual and tactile features of every flooring. A collection which is suitable not only for basic living needs but also for high traffic commercial and public environments.