Cattelan Italia

Modular wall- or ceiling-hanging bookcase. Brackets, pillars and shelves in titanium (GFM11) or bronze (GFM18) embossed lacquered steel. Containers in titanium (GF11) or bronze (GF18) embossed lacquered wood and bronze glass.



Giorgio Cattelan conceived the original design of Freeway, the metal modular design bookcase that fully expresses the values ​​and style of Cattelan Italia. It is a customizable furniture system that can be placed in the center of the room or against the wall, even in the corner version, thanks to the wall or ceiling mounting. In fact, its modules are perfect as room dividers for an open space, thanks to the design metal shelves and practical boxes. The variable lengths of the shelves and boxes perfectly adapt to any room’s dimension, and allow you to create irregular compositions, following your personal taste. The wide range of finishes comprises the highest quality materials, which turn the Freeway bookcase into a precious and sophisticated piece of furniture.