CRL/14FG Revolving Box

CRL/14FG Revolving Box

Ges Group

Shock-absorber stop profiles ensure the front is perfectly flush on the structure.

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Made entirely from HPL stratified laminate panels, these cabins for changing rooms have shock-absorber stop profiles that ensure the front is perfectly flush on the structure. Also, the self-closing and self-lubricating hinges mean the door closes automatically. These cabins differ from the CRL/14 G series for the top connection, made using a continuous aluminum ā€œCā€ chain.

-Shock-absorber stop profiles in co-extruded grey rigid PVC (stop side) and soft safety PVC (hinge side)
-3 self-closing and self-lubricating hinges in galvanised steel covered with grey nylon per door
-8 mm thick HPL stratified plastic laminate back
-bench seat in 14 mm thick laminate with integrated simultaneous opening/closing system for the doors in AISI 304 stainless steel rod
-2 grey fibreglass charged nylon hooks
-the back is secured to the front by means of primary T 60/60 anodised aluminium profile
-fixed to the floor by means of raised feet entirely in fibreglass charged grey nylon 6
-diameter 35 mm with 12 mm adjustment screws, height 200 mm, adjustable +/- 30 mm to ensure it is perfectly level