Parliament House


Valletta is one of the few places on Earth that has kept its original structure and charm of a fortified city. Placed on the northeast coast of Malta, this World Heritage Site has been the center of a large and complex redevelopment project which includes the construction of the new Parliament building, the restoration from ruins of the adjacent Opera House which now functions as an open-air theater and the reconstruction of the City Gate that has been reimagined as a breach in the original walls. The newly constructed Parliament building is shaped like two blocks on pilots elegantly wrapped in local stone inside and out. Modules of the original stone called Brises-Soleil are gracefully integrated into the fabric of the façades and contribute largely to the light penetration and heat control due to the consideration of the sun rays angle. On the inside, the design takes a light and minimalist approach, thus creating an environment that is exclusive, welcoming and functional at the same time.

Fino Projects has enhanced the beauty of the Parliament House by furnishing its interiors in a vibrant color scheme. A powerful green dominates the inside of the Parliament and contrasts beautifully with the Gozitan limestone that covers the building. Fino was responsible with providing all interior partitions, ceilings in both gypsum and metal structure, internal doors and seating. This project presented not only challenges but a great accomplishment for the company. With 50 individual offices, 21 conference rooms and 800 sq m. RP glazed partition walls the Parliament House is an imposing landmark and a reference point to the Maltese people.


Parliament House Malta


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