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Founded in 1976


Chairs. They’re so commonplace that they can almost seem obvious, only rarely encompassing values that set them apart and make them a true escape for the mind and a space to imagine, think and create.

Luxy, strives to create products that anticipate customer requests and meet their requirements, from comfort to aesthetics, from durability to design.

Following in the footsteps of the centuries-old manufacturing history of the Veneto region, rich in raw materials, today they are an international company that produces seating for office and community spaces. Luxy’s story began in 1976 and blends the quality of Italian craftsmanship with the best of modern technology.

Their production methods harness the sustainability of local supply chains and the careful study of ergonomics to assure comfort and functionality without sacrificing taste, style and innovation, making for a wide range of products that are constantly evolving.

Luxy wants to offer its customers a true experience. Not just a piece of furniture or a space to work from but a way of doing things that delights the mind and body. Each of their products is a piece of our history and a page of the story behind our passion.

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