Cattelan Italia

Coffee table with base in chromed steel (08), embossed titanium (GFM11) or black (GFM73) lacquered steel. Murano artistic glass top in Petrolio or Madreperla colors. Handmade top according to the ancient techniques of Murano made of Murano vitreous paste with Madreperla effect. Imperfections, streaks, color variations and irregularities of shape are characteristic of the handmade work and are not to be considered as defects.



Vinyl coffee tables are the meeting point between traditional manufacturing techniques and the modern design of contemporary coffee tables. Oriano Favaretto designed Vinyl starting from the traditional hand crafting of Murano vitreous paste, which allows to obtain a tasteful glass top, enriched by soft shades and natural reflections. The precious Murano glass coffee table in Madreperla colour resembles a mother of pearl disc, with its typical pink shades. Alternatively, in the equally charming Petrolio version, the shades range varies from gray, to blue, to bronze. These irregularities are precisely the enriching detail of this modern living room coffee table, which becomes a unique piece of refined design and a symbol of made-in-Italy.