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A wardrobe that can be used to create an entire range of looks and effects

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The Nuit door can be used to create an entire range of looks and effects. The aluminum frame in the Titanio finish is a minimalist, balanced part of the door’s proportions, allowing you to divide it up into separate modules. The central door in the Bronze mirror and the side doors in Stopsol glass express a bohemian style that is neither traditional nor modern but always elegant. The wide range of fittings and partitions means you can build the wardrobe just how you want it. More than simply organizers for the space, these fittings are decorative elements that redefine the way your wardrobe looks. Take the Nuit model with sliding doors: it serves as the ideal furnishing solution even outside of the bedroom, thanks to the different door configurations available.
The frame divides the door into horizontal or vertical sections. This allows you to play with different materials and finishes to create an elegant look that is not too outlandish.