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This is not a sale – it’s an opportunity. We’ve been waiting patiently all year to be able to roll out our Ligne Roset Promotion and now it’s finally here! Check out our Ligne Roset section to see the full range of items we have for you at exceptional promotional prices! Learn more about some Ligne Roset products below.

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Togo Sofa

Designed by the brilliant Michel Ducaroy, Togo stands alone in terms of the comfort and style it has brought to the living room over the last forty years. In a varied collection ranging from the classic lounge to the fireside chair, Togo presents ergonomic comfort for a truly enveloping experience. Multiple layers of polyether foam and covers are made from the quilted, polyester-filled material combined to create a comforting frame.

A physically inviting seat that is perfect for long afternoon naps and quiet moments of reflection, Togo remains a timeless statement that is so much more than just a sofa.

Bonnie Sofa

In 1975, Pierre Paulin put together an original known as modèles 500 and 500/2, of which very few examples remain today. The Bonnie has been based on the original, paying homage to the initial creator’s dream to design a striking model which is so simply welcoming. The contours of the chair provide an aesthetically pleasing shape that curves around you and keeps you safe. The seat’s simplistic approach is reflected in our recommendations for plain covering materials: smooth leathers or nubuck, woolen fabrics, and stretch jersey materials.

The Bonnie is a simple comfort that masks its clever design and concept.

Ruche Sofa

Based on a traditional design, the unusual Ruché is defined by a solid wood structure and the classic approach to sewing that the seat is named after. Slender and elegant, this design by Inga Sempé still retains the intended feeling of comfort and softness, contrasting the accurate lines that cast the frame with the welcoming curves of the quilted material at the very heart of the Ligne Roset philosophy. Using polyester quilting and ultra-flexible polyurethane foam, the material is then brought together using an industrial sewing machine to envelop the comfort in fully removable covers.

The Ruché offers the dual opportunity of an unsurpassable welcoming seat which also retains the look of a domestic piece of furniture for any home.

Ottoman Sofa

Inspired by the authentic Moroccan footstool whilst at work in Marrakech, designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance formed a welcoming seat that speaks volumes of comfort and peaceful nature. The Ottoman features an enveloping “bucket seat” and back in molded polyurethane foam creating the perfect platform for a moment of relaxation and quiet contemplation. Through clever use of quilting and blends of color, the designer has created functional and practical shapes that fit any environment.

The special oriental touch that the Ottoman can bring to a home makes it a fine mention for this list of comfortable upholstery.

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